Red Vegetables with Health Benefits

1. Beets

Beets are among the most rich in antioxidants fruits and vegetables, according to the USDA.

2. Red cabbage

This vegetable shares many of the health advantages of its green relatives, such as kale, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli.

Red cabbage

Recent research suggests that cyan pigments, powerful antioxidants, may lower the risk of mental illnesses, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

3. Tomatoes

From sauce for pasta to crisp caprese salads, vegetables provide secret benefits.


While all types of tomatoes provide health benefits, lycopene is more readily absorbed by the body from tomatoes prepared with a small amount of oil.

4. Red bell pepper

These delicious vegetables contain the daily value of vitamin A, three times the daily value of vitamin C, and only thirty calories.

Red bell pepper

They are an excellent choice for a robust immune system and glowing skin.

5. Radish

Also belonging to the cruciferous family are these peppery roots.

6. Red chili pepper

Red chile pepper is used to add flavor and fight inflammation. 

7. Radicchio

These days, dark-leafed greens are all the fashion, but this one deserves to be popular. 

8. Red leaf lettuce

In accordance to the College of Food and Nutrition, red leafy the lettuce, much like radicchio, is rich in nutrients.

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