Cute Puppies You Must See

This Siberian Husky could one day haul an Alaskan sled!

Siberian Husky

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Everyone adores Golden Retrievers, as they are devoted companions and phenomenal working dogs.

Golden Retriever

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This poodle can be blue, gray, silver, brown, cafe-au-lait, apricot, or cream.


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The Lab has been the most popular breed for 26 years with good reason.


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These unbelievably endearing ears resembling bats are typical of the French Bulldog.

French Bulldog

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Big dark eyes, charming expression! Shih Tzu owners have loved their dogs for millennia.

Shih Tzu

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These adorable Bernese Mountain Dog pups are enjoying nature. Swiss alpine Berners thrive in chilly temperatures.

Bernese Mountain Dog

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